Your “You” Experience

You are about to enjoy an experience like none before! Portraits of the sensual you! The beautiful you! The human you! We, at Abanathy Photography, LLC offer the unique “You” portrait session to you, and are committed to taking your portraits in a manner which is both respectful and professional as well as fun, relaxed, and customized to your personal preferences! Below, you will find some tips as well as important “You” session preparation guidelines. And, remember, this session is about you and for you! So let’s discuss “You”!

At any time, please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have:

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Following are some tips and guidelines for capturing the best portrait of you!


You may plan your “You” session any time of the year. We have a full studio where the session can take place completely out of view from the public, we can meet at a fancy hotel or bed and breakfast (additional charges may apply), or we can hold your session at your home. We want to hold the session where you feel the most comfortable! The choice is yours! 

The optimum time to schedule your session would be when you feel the most awake and sexy. Whether you are a morning or evening person, we can accommodate either. Consider scheduling your session at least 30 days before your loved one’s birthday, anniversary or special day to allow time for processing and printing/ordering.

You may call Abanathy Photography, LLC at 270-767-1163 to discuss the best time for your portrait session.

(Note: Mother nature is not always going to be cooperative with photo sessions. In the event inclement weather is looking to prevent/limit a shoot, all or part of the session can be rescheduled at no additional cost)


While we are used to shooting “You” sessions, we understand this is likely a new, unique, and vulnerable experience for you. Our goal is to create a relaxed and calm environment. We want you to enjoy your session, and would not ask you to pose or wear anything with which you are not comfortable. (For tips on calming your nerves, click here!)

You may also print and fill out our questionnaire as a kind of checklist for your “You” session! This helps the photographer better map out your “You” session and make sure everything you want is included. You may bring it in before beforehand or bring it with you when you arrive for your session.  Make sure to read over the session checklist at the bottom of this page before you arrive.

Before your session, we ask that you not wear tight-fitting pants or shirts for at least two hours before your session. Also, depending on how revealing you want the portraits to be, we ask that you not wear underwear for at least two hours before your session either. This helps to prevent hard-to-remove red imprint lines in your skin. Bring a light snack and drink to help keep your energy up.

Lastly, drink plenty of water and avoid drinking alcohol in the days before, receive plenty of sleep the night before, and eat a light meal before you arrive so you will be awake and energetic.


You are welcome to bring some of your favorite music to put on during your session. When you arrive for your session, you and the photographer will sit down and discuss your outfits, poses and backdrops. Once themes and poses are chosen, the shoot begins! The time frame for each “You” session typically lasts between one and two hours (plus salon time if applicable), so plan ahead! Keep in mind Abanathy Photography, LLC does not have a public restroom. 


  • Abanathy Photography, LLC has a full, discreet studio nestled in the countryside of Calloway County. Also, if you prefer outdoor shots, our property can be set up to keep these locations discreet as well!
  • We can  hold the session in your home if that would make you more comfortable.
  • We can also hold the session at third party location such as a local hotel or bed and breakfast (additional charges may apply)
  • Props – We have a variety of over shirts, jackets, and props for our “You” sessions, however, we encourage you to bring your own unique items such as candles, toys, flower petals, scarves, your loved one’s work items (tools, clothes, hats etc.), or gloves. Intimately worn garments such as lingerie or underwear we will leave up to you!


This is your opportunity to imagine what your loved one might like to see. Themes should include personal preferences and interests. Keep in mind, Abanathy Photography, LLC does not judge. We just capture the portraits, so let your desires be known. Here are some ideas:

  • Your loved one’s field of work, hobby, or interest (nascar, basketball, woodworking, weightlifting etc.)
  • Fantastical themes (Medieval, sci-fi, storybook themes, etc.)
  • Time era (Medieval, Americana pin-up, 50’s poodle skirt, flapper, disco, future etc.)
  • Natural and sexy: Sometimes, no theme is the best one of all. We can take photos of you just as you are!
  • Bride/Groom: Some brides-to-be or grooms-to-be want a special gift to give their spouse on their wedding night. With this, you can also mix portions of your wedding attire (veil, bow tie, etc.) with the sexy you to create a wonderful surprise for your significant other on your big day!
  • Abanathy Photography, LLC also has a few ideas to make you look sexy. So, if nothing in particular comes to mind, don’t worry we can make it happen!

Choose your attire based on the themes you like and those in which you look sexiest:

  • Tight-fitting, thin, and transparent garments are always very attractive
  • Lingerie including matching underwear and bra • Short-shorts and cut-offs, tank tops, mini-skirts, boxer shorts and button-up blouses • Your loved one’s work clothing or uniform
  • Leather pants, tops, jackets, and boots
  • Costumes (maid, comic book characters, princess, heroes, villains etc.)
  • Sexy shoes, heals, boots, sandals, or stockings
  • Jeans, button-up blouse, fitted shirt, or items in your closet (especially if you feel nervous about wearing things that are too revealing)
  • Swimsuit or bikini
  • Your birthday suit! Sometimes no attire at all is the best attire of all.

A word about nudity: If you are interested in taking tastefully nude photos, we are happy to accommodate your request in a professional, respectful manner. We will not ask you to do anything, which makes you feel uncomfortable – YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF YOUR SESSION! Also, be assured that all of our photos are stored securely and can only be viewed in-studio and/or in an online, password-protected gallery. Also, if you choose, they will not be uploaded to the online gallery.


  • Hair: We can recommend several awesome hair and makeup artists in Murray or you may choose to do your own hair. Either way, choose a style you know you’re comfortable with or have practiced before. We advise against trying new hairstyles the day of the session. Generally, wearing your hair down or natural is very attractive in photos.
  • Makeup: We can recommend several awesome hair and makeup artists in Murray or you may choose to do your own makeup. If you choose to do it yourself we recommend you apply foundation, concealer and/or powder as you would normally. Avoid dark eyeshadow and lipstick and heavy eyeliner. We’ll take care of blemishes in the post-editing.
  • Your body: Don’t feel self-conscious about stretch marks, blemishes, or hair. Everyone has these and we will take care to minimize/remove these in post-production.
  • Nails: You may paint your nails and/or toes if you like. However, consider choosing a neutral color that goes with the clothes you’re bringing. Remove any old/chipping nail polish.
  • If you like to tan: Try to minimize tanning too much before your session to avoid burns and tan lines. Also note, spray tanning can give an orange appearance to your skin in photos.
  • Waxing and facials: If you plan to have either of these before your session, please have it done at least two days ahead of time to avoid redness or blotches.
  • Accessory Possibilities: Hats, necklaces, intimate toys, bracelets, small gemstone earrings, barrettes, and other embellishments.
  • Bring a robe so that you may have something comfortable to wear between takes.


  • Nails should be trimmed and clean
  • Hair: A haircut about a week before your session is recommended. Style as you normally would any other day. Bring a comb and hair spray/gel for touch-ups.
  • Face: A freshly shaven face or thin, trimmed facial hair is a great way to look your best, unless that special someone likes a little scruff!
  • Waxing and facials: If you plan to have either of these before your session, please have it done at least two days ahead of time, to avoid redness or blotches.
  • If you like to tan: Try to minimize tanning too much before your session to avoid burns and tan lines. Also note, spray tanning can give an orange appearance to your skin in photos.


Photos typically take around two weeks for editing. You will have the option of ordering online or in-studio at your convenience. With respect to privacy, photos may also be printed in-house and picked up at our studio.


If you are ordering in-studio, you will be notified when your photos are ready to view and make your selection. Prints typically take up to 7 days to process.


Whether you stay up late or wake up early, ordering online is easy and convenient for any schedule. All of our galleries are password-protected and secure for ordering online. Shipments typically take 7-10 days to process and arrive.


  • Your Session Questionnaire
  • The attire you plan to wear
  • Shoes and accessories
  • Personal props
  • Makeup
  • Hairspray/hair gel
  • CDs or MP3 player of your favorite music
  • A trip to the restroom, Abanathy Photography, LLC does not offer a public restroom in the studio and access will likely be limited during on-location shoots.
  • A light snack and drink
  • An open mind! This will carry over into your photos, and your experience!