Why book a “You” session?

This is the opportunity for you to be captured in professional portraiture. But not just any you! The sensual you! The sexy you! The beautiful you! It is an opportunity to capture your sensual, human, playful nature in a discreet, professional, private setting. It is also a wonderful boost to your self esteem empowering you as the wonderful, sexy, beautiful woman you are! These portraits make wonderful gifts for that special someone as well as a wonderful gift for yourself! 


Are “You” portraits essentially pornography?

That depends on how you interpret the art and what you desire in your “You” session. Typically, the goal of this type of photography is to capture the sexy, human, sensual, radiant you in a classy, artistic, beautiful way. However, as the portraits could be used as an intimate gift or simply a celebration of you, they may include anything from posing in lingerie or your lover’s work clothes to posing partially or fully nude. With this, we honor any request (within legal limits)  including anything from 50’s style pinup to modern Playboy playmate. The choice is yours, our lips are sealed, and we guarantee you will have fun! 


Will my “You” portraits be seen by anyone else? 

Only those with which you wish to share them. Abanathy Photography, LLC does not, and will not, share your intimate portraits with anyone other than you! The files are kept on our password-protected hard drives, which are connected both hardline and wirelessly to a password-protected router. The real consideration would depend on how you would like your portraits printed. We can create beautiful prints in-house and give them directly to you. However, you may also decide to have them (or other portrait gifts) printed via our professional photo lab. In that case, the proofs would be placed into a password-protected, online gallery. From there, all purchases would be printed, packaged and/or handled by the employees of the photo lab and the mail delivery service.


Will Abanathy Photography, LLC tell anyone about my “You” session?

No. When it comes to intimate portraits, we hold your privacy in the highest regard. For that reason, we would never tell anyone about your “You” session.


Will my “You” portraits be used in advertisements for Abanathy Photography, LLC? 

No. In fact, portraits featured in our public gallery web page are of paid models who have signed model release forms to allow for their portraits’ use in our advertisements. We respect our clients’ privacy and understand the intimate nature of our “You” portraits. For legal purposes, and in the rare event that we would want to use one or more of your portraits for advertisement, we would require that you be present in person and give personal, signed consent for each portrait we use.


When should I book a “You” session?

Any time is a great time for a “You” session! As a great way to create a unique gift for Valentine’s Day, that special someone’s birthday or anniversary, your wedding night, Christmas, or “just because”, there truly is no right or wrong time to book a “You” session!


What time of day would a “You” session take place?

At the time when you feel sexiest! Whether you are planning a surprise gift, have a busy schedule, or simply have a time of day when you feel at your most radiant, we try our best to accommodate any schedule. However, I will note: Be sure to schedule a few hours of time when you will not feel rushed. You want to have time to relax and enjoy your “You” session, as it will definitely show in your portraits!


How long does a “You” session last?

Many factors play into the length of a “You” session. The session package you choose will be a starting point as it sets the length of your actual photo shoot. However, hair and makeup time (which is not factored into shoot time) can vary. You may discuss estimated hair and makeup time with your stylist, however, on our end, to be safe, I would estimate at least an hour and a half (which would include the shoot as well as outfit changing time and paperwork).


How long does it take to view/order/receive my portraits following a “You” session?

Generally, we try to have portrait galleries ready for viewing within two weeks of your session (Busy times of year could see up to three to four weeks)*. From there it is a matter of you choosing which ones you want for your print package/portrait album and we work fairly quickly from there to fulfill the order.

*If you have just found out about us, and are pressed for time to receive your prints/album/gifts, let us know and we can work with you and/or discuss upgraded shipment options to help meet your deadline!


How do I contact Abanathy Photography, LLC to book a “You” session or schedule a consultation? 

There are a variety of ways. We can be reached at (270) 767-1163, by email at abanathyphoto@gmail.com, on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/abanathyyou or on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/abanathyyou


I really want to book, but cash is a little tight. Do I have to pay my full session fee up front?



What do I need to wear to my “You” portrait session?

You may wear your normal clothes with sexy underwear underneath or you may change into your sexy attire in our private changing room. However, if you plan to be partially or fully nude during your shoot, we encourage you to wear loose clothing and/or no underwear in the hours leading up to your session, as tight fitting garments can leave long-lasting red lines on your skin.


Does Abanathy Photography, LLC provide sexy lingerie/underwear for clients?

No. We have a variety of props (see more below), however, any intimate garments such as lingerie or underwear must be provided by the clients.


Does Abanathy Photography, LLC provide props for “You” sessions?

Yes. We have a variety of sheer fabrics, hats, masquerade masks, over-shirts, handcuffs, whips and chains. The only things we do not provide are intimate garments (such as underwear and lingerie), intimate toys, or full role-play outfits.


May I bring my own props to my “You” portrait shoot?

Absolutely! We encourage it! Bring anything that makes you feel sexy or turns your significant other on. Intimate props, sports gear, your significant other’s work uniform, etc. The possibilities are endless!


Does Abanathy Photography, LLC offer professional hair and makeup to “You” clients?

Depends. We do not offer hair and makeup for our standard “You” sessions. However, we can provide a list of local (and awesome) stylists who know how to make you look your sexiest. Also, time for hair and makeup is not factored into your time with the photographer. So, be sure to plan accordingly!

We do offer on-site hair and makeup for our En Ville packages. In this instance, we would schedule the hair and makeup appointment for you prior to the session.


I want to do my own hair and makeup. Is that okay?

Absolutely! If you would like to do your own hair and makeup, we will not stop you.


Where would my “You” session take place? 

The choice is yours! Abanathy Photography LLC has a studio with multiple backdrops and props. However, we can also set up in your home at no extra charge or even in a fancy hotel room (for an additional charge). Wherever you feel comfortable, confident and sexy, that is where we will go.


I have several blemishes on my body. Can I still look sexy in a “You” portrait?

Absolutely! That is the power of a “You” portrait session: To bring out your sexy side! Our professional photographer and portrait editor’s goal is to make you look your best! If you have blemishes you would prefer not be shown, be they stretch marks or scars, we can make that happen very easily as part of your “You” session!


I am overweight and do not feel I have a “sexy” body. Why would I want to book a “You” session? 

The question is: Why wouldn’t you book a session? Whether you are doing it just for you or for that special someone, you are sexy! Let it shine! Curvy or skinny, let us show you just how beautiful you are! In fact, more often than not, curves can offer a sexy advantage many of today’s idealized bodies do not possess.


Do I have to be nude in my “You” portraits?

No. The funny thing about this beautiful genre of photography is “sexy” takes many forms and, oftentimes, the less one sees, the sexier the image becomes. In fact, many times, you will show less skin in these portraits than you would during a day at the beach!


What is “implied nudity”?

Essentially, it is the art of making one believe you are nude without you actually being so or by carefully hiding portions of your nude body from the camera. This can be accomplished in a variety of creative ways including, but not limited to, strategic placement of props, arms, and legs and via digital portrait editing.


I want to use implied nudity in my “You” portraits. Will the photographer or his assistant see anything? 

Possibly. Unlike a carefully-edited, sexy TV show, real life happens in real time and can have its slips. While we take any measure necessary to assure the comfort of the client and would never ask you to do something with which you do not feel comfortable, some things can either become visible, or are unavoidably visible, during posing (especially when incorporating implied nudity). However, remember this is a professional environment with only adults present where nothing inappropriate will take place. And, in the final edit, you will see only what you want seen. The rest stays in the studio.


Is it alright if I want to pose fully or completely nude for my portraits?

Yes. We aim to fulfill any desire the client has when it comes to their “You” portraits, as long as it is within legal limits. From 1950s pin-ups to the modern Playboy playmate, we want you to be photographed the way you want and be comfortable, confident and sexy while doing so!


I want to be partially or fully nude for my portraits. Will the photographer or his assistant see me?

Yes. If the camera can see it, so can the photographer and his assistant. However, we will take any measure necessary to make you feel comfortable and we do remind you this is a professional environment with only adults present where nothing inappropriate will take place.


Does “You” by Abanathy Photography, LLC have a female photographer on staff?

At this time, Abanathy Photography does not have a female photographer on staff. However, we are a husband and wife team with both of us present at every “You” session. Also, our photographer, Patrick, has years of experience working with the nude form, understands the sensitive nature of intimate photography and treats every session with nothing but professionalism!


Will the photographer or his assistant touch me in any way during my “You” portrait session?

If so, it would only be to brush hair out of your face, re-position an arm or leg (with your permission), and/or adjust your head or body angle. At no point would the photographer or his assistant touch you inappropriately (i.e. on your breasts, buttocks, or genital regions).


I am a little nervous, may I bring a friend along with me for my shoot?

Of course! Our goal is for you to be comfortable during your shoot. If that means bringing a friend along for support, then by all means, we welcome it! Don’t worry, we won’t pressure your friend into a session, however, should your friend be interested in his or her own shoot, our “Compagne” package includes special pricing for friend sessions!


My significant other has unusual tastes when it comes to what is “sexy” and I want to appeal to them. Can Abanathy Photography, LLC take portraits which are a little unusual?

Yes. Sensual portraiture is about being sexy, and it is oftentimes created with the intent of arousing a significant other. No matter his or her taste, we do not judge, we do not gossip, and will do our best to accommodate any special requests as long as they fall within legal limits.


My smartphone has a camera. Why book a “You” session with Abanathy Photography, LLC when I can just take my own in the privacy of my home?

Your smartphone will only take you so far. If you want digitally compressed photographs taken in poor lighting, highlighting your blemishes, and placed in an easily stolen or destroyed location, then a smartphone would be the way to go. However, if you would like high-quality portraits, taken with professional lighting, edited by a professional graphic designer and saved in a secure location, Abanathy Photography, LLC can make that happen for you!


I am younger than 18. Can I schedule a “You” session with Abanathy Photography, LLC?

No. Pursuant to KRS 531, Abanathy Photography, LLC will not contract a session of sexual nature with anyone who is less than 18 years of age. To this end, Abanathy Photography, LLC may require clients to show proof of age via a driver’s license, photo identification, passport, OR birth certificate. Additionally, Abanathy Photography, LLC may make a copy of, or photograph, one or more of the before-mentioned documents for their records.


I am still a little scared and unsure about booking a “You” session. Does Abanathy Photography offer consultations?

Yes! Given the nature of this type of portraiture, we understand trust and familiarity can make all the difference. With that in mind, we offer, free, no pressure, discreet consultations at our studio at your convenience. We totally understand the sensitive nature of the “You” session and would love to speak face-to-face with you about yours! Also, at home, you may read over our section on “Calming your nerves” at your leisure!