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About “You” Sessions by Abanathy Photography, LLC?

One of the most heartbreaking things I have ever heard a woman say about her body is: “You don’t want to see this” or “I don’t know why anyone would want to see this” while she shrugs off any notion that she is sexy, alluring, or desirable.

One can offer reassurance, but, in my experience, I have found breaking through such self-deprecation with words is not easy, if not impossible. However, what if I were able to show a woman her desirability through the lens of a camera?

That is why we have created “You” by Abanathy Photography, LLC! To capture your sex appeal from your head to your toes and all sensuous parts of you in between! Whether it is for that special someone or just for you, Let us pamper you, pose you, photograph you, and show you just how sexy you can be!

You need it! You deserve it! You will love it! “You” by Abanathy Photography, LLC!

About the Owners

Patrick Abanathy, Co-Owner, Photographer, Writer

A little about myself:

My appreciation of feminine beauty began before I even knew why. I don’t recall a time when I wasn’t fascinated with the beauty of the female body. While other boys my age thought girls had cooties, I knew they had something else. Something priceless. Something beautiful. Something exquisite!

Like many young boys at that time, I was often shielded from seeing nude or scantily clad women, on television and in magazines, by a variety of adults who “knew better”. Looking back to those innocent days, I can’t tell you when or if I truly began to believe the human body was something of shame to be covered, however, that was just the way it was and I had to act accordingly. But, every now and again, when I would catch that unavoidable glimpse, it never failed to leave me with an euphoric impression of artistic beauty.

Much later, as I left the nest, came into my own, and began working with the camera and the human form, it was not long before that part of my artistic persona became central to my life. And it has remained ever since.

I have always found it difficult to put into words. And being a guy makes it even more difficult as I am always fighting the superficial explanations as well. In fact, I remember once in college discussing my fascination with the feminine form with a female friend of mine. She said succinctly:  “you’re a guy and you like looking at women”. While that’s true, I believe it is more than that. For me it is like watching a sky filled by a colorful sunset or like being outside on the first warm day of spring.

And to be able to capture such priceless beauty with the camera is indescribable. It’s the way the light caresses soft skin to bring out the wonderful curves and artistic perfection of a woman’s body. The lively twinkle in the woman’s eye when she is having fun and really bringing out her fun, playful, sensual side for the camera! It is the reaction a woman has when she later sees the proofs and realizes she is in fact…beautiful, head to toe.

And this is what I bring to “You” by Abanathy Photography, LLC.

If you don’t believe it, let me convince you! Come in, get pampered, relax, have fun, and let us show you how sexy and desirable you are!


Liz, Co-Owner, Graphic Artist, Photography Assistant

I assist the photographer and client before, during, and after a shoot as well as offer my unique female perspective during Abanathy Photography, LLC’s “You” sessions. I truly enjoy being ‘behind the scenes’. Helping to switch out backdrops, moving props, and adjusting lighting are all part of what I do, however, one of the things I love most about assisting in shoots is helping the client look and feel their best! In the instance of the “You” sessions, I have the opportunity to help these beautiful women have fun, feel sexy, and have some gorgeous portraits taken of themselves.

Once the session has ended, I have the honor of editing each amazing photo! Typically, the most “Photoshopping” I do would be to adjust lighting levels, clone out any dust, hair, and lint, as well as touch up a few facial and skin blemishes. Of course, I am happy to do more editing upon request (i.e. if you have a scar or feature about your body you’d like to see altered), however, with our experience posing and lighting various body types, most “You” session portraits really do not require much in the way of over-editing!

I love working with Abanathy Photography’s “You” sessions because it is so rewarding to be part of an experience that is fun, exciting, and produces the most personal kind of artwork…You!